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Pumpkin Flour

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Pumpkin seed flour was obtained after the completion of the mechanical pressing process within the technological process of production of cold-pressed pumpkin oil, it actually represents a solid residue obtained by mechanical pressing pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seed flour is produced by the traditional method of grinding in a stone mill, where the desired line granulation of this product is achieved.

This flour contains a high content of protein (58%) and dietary fiber (12%) which makes it nutritionally extremely rich and valuable food. It has a low content of carbohydrates and fats, which is suitable for all those who are on a diet that means reduced use of sugar and fat.

In addition to the above, this flour contains a large amount of zinc, which helps the human body maintain immunity. Pumpkin flour is suitable for chrono and vegan diet. Pumpkin seed flour is intended for all categories of consumers. This product is intended for the production of bakery products.


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